Yiqi Luo, Ph. D.

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Research areas: Plant Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology

Research interests

The research program in Dr. Luo's Ecolab is designed to study processes and patterns in ecosystem ecology and biogeochemical cycles. Major issues we are addressing include (1) how global environmental changes alter function and structure of terrestrial ecosystems, and (2) how terrestrial ecosystems regulates climate change and chemical composition (such as CO2) in the atmosphere. Our research is aimed at quantifying dynamics of carbon, nutrient, and water resources in ecosystems. We study a variety of ecosystems, including forests, grasslands, deserts, and coastal wetlands. Luo laboratory uses both modeling and experimental approaches. With respect of modeling, we focus on development and testing of biogeochemical models at ecosystem and regional scales. Our current efforts are on development of an inverse modeling approach to parameter estimation and model improvement. We have been conducting warming experiments in the Great Plains since 1999. With the long-term experiments, we examine interactive effects of warming, clipping, and altered precipitation on community structure and ecosystem functions, and quantify terrestrial carbon cycling feedback to climate warming. Our research is highly multidisciplinary, employing techniques from plant physiology, ecology, soil sciences, modeling, mathematics, and biogeochemistry.

Relevant publications:

Yiqi Luo,Ensheng Weng. 2011. Dynamic disequilibrium of the terrestrial carbon cycle under global change. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.26:96-104.

Luo Y, K Ogle, C. Tucker, S. Fei, C. Gao, S LaDeau, JS Clark, D Schimel. 2011. Ecological Forecasting and Data Assimilation in a Data-Rich Era. Ecological Applications,21:1429-1442.

Gao C, H Wang, ES Weng, S Lakshmivarahan, YF Zhang, YQ Luo. 2011. Assimilation of Multiple Data Sets with Ensemble Kalman Filter for Parameter Estimation and Forecasts of Forest Carbon Dynamics. Ecological Applications,21:1461-1473.

Luo YQ, J. Melillo, SL Niu, C Beier, JS Clark, AT Classen, E Davidson, JS Dukes, RD Evans, CB Field, CI Czimczik, M Keller, BA Kimball, L Kueppers, RJ Norby, SL Pelini, E Pendall, E Rastetter, J Six, M Smith, M Tjoelker, M Torn. 2011. Coordinated Approaches to Quantify Long-Term Ecosystem Dynamics in Response to Global Change. Global Change Biology,17:843-854, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2010.02265.x.

Yang YH, YQ Luo, AC Finzi. 2011. Carbon and nitrogen dynamics during forest stand development: a global synthesis. New Phytologist,190:977-989.


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