Microbiology Graduate Student Seminar Series

Spring 2017




January 20 



January 27 

David Dinh 

Impurity analysis and characterization of a purified recombinant manganese-oxidizing protein from a marine bacterium. 

February 03 

Alyssa Hill 

Structure and stability of phi29-like bacteriophage pRNA three-way junctions 

February 10 

James Floyd 

Assessing the Biological Contribution to Mineralized Cap Formation in the Little Hot Creek Hot Spring System 

February 17 

Sean Bauman (CEO & President) and Stephanie Dunning (Director of Production)

Introduction to Immuno-Mycologics (IMMY) and information session. 

February 24 

Graduate Student Research Day  

 No Seminar

March 03 

Yujia Qin 

Fungal community patterns across Six Forests in the North America 

March 10 

Cari Quick 

RNA-mediated gene regulation between Satellite Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Nicotiana tabacum

March 17 

University Holiday 

 No Seminar

March 24 

Mary Eid 

Isolation of Different Types of Corrosive Microbiology 

March 31 

Dr. Mary Ann Moran

Distinguished Research Professor 

University of Georgia


April 7 

Meredith Thornton 

A continued investigation in Gammaproteobacteria: undercover agents in the biocorrosion cycle 

April 14 

Vince Sandifer 

A Continued Investigation of Thiosulfate Reduction Genes in Halanaerobium  

April 21 

Speaker To Be Announced 


April 28 

Dr. Melanie Mormile


Missouri University of Science and Technology


May 5 

Dr. Jeannine Cavendar-Bares

Associate Professor

 University of Minnesota

Diversification, adaptation and community assembly ofthe American oaks (Quercus):  a model clade for integrating ecology and evolution 


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