Masters and Ph.D. Programs

Procedures for Admission

Application instructions can be found here.   The GRE is required for the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology. The GRE is used to measure the student’s potential for success in graduate school. We also recommend that a test in the subject area of the GRE be taken.

Note:  First consideration is given to applications received by Jan 15th.

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Master of Science Degree

Candidates for the Master of Science  will be required to possess a well-balanced knowledge of the field of microbiology or plant biology, to have mastered the technical methods in one or more areas and to have had experience in applying such methods to the solution of a problem. A thesis is required in a total program of 30 hours.

A student working toward the Master of Science degree will be assigned a committee which will aid in designing the degree program.  

Doctor of Philosophy Degree  

Work leading to the Ph.D. degree is offered in most areas. The program requires a satisfactory demonstration of knowledge in their research area.  This proficiency will be determined by the dissertation advisory committee. The satisfactory completion and successful defense of original research as described in a dissertation is also required. Each student will, in consultation with the chairperson, select a dissertation advisory committee. A student must complete the general requirements of the Graduate College, appropriate research skills, and a minor in a related field with a minimum of six hours. Each student must attend and participate in a graduate seminar. 

Each student will be assigned a specific dissertation committee whose functions are to aid in designing the degree program, provide advice on the dissertation research and conduct the oral dissertation defense examination.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Entry - March 1st- Primary consideration is given to applications received by Jan 15th. 

Spring/Summer Entry - October 1st

 Elizabeth Karr, Graduate Liaison
 Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
 GLCH Room 516 and SRTC Room 2021
 Norman, OK 73019
 Phone: (405) 325-5133 


The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. 

Graduate Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to conduct research projects under the guidance of major professors throughout the semester. More intensive research experience in specific laboratories is frequently available through summer assistantships.

Career Options

A variety of careers is available to persons with degrees in botany. Employment may be with biological supply houses, pharmaceutical companies, industries, state and federal agencies and research institutes. Botanists are frequently employed in diagnostic laboratories and agricultural research institutes. Increasing employment opportunities are becoming available in the biotechnology industry for persons trained in plant biology.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The department has scholarships and assistantships available for academically outstanding students. Individuals with a 3.00 grade point average must apply or be recommended for the scholarships by April 1. Undergraduates must have completed their sophomore year of study to be considered. Details can be obtained from the chair of the department and from our web page on scholarships.

Student Organizations

The OU Botanical Society is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The Society organizes field trips and holds several meetings throughout the semester on topics of general interest to which the public and University community are invited.