Dr. Paul A. Lawson has established the “Center for Microbial Identification and Taxonomy (CMIT)” Text

With the advent of culture-independent methods coupled with next generation sequencing such as pyrosequencing, an almost unimaginable microbial diversity as been revealed. Although for identification purposes, molecular methods are freely available to many laboratories, organisms cannot be described in the scientific literature purely on sequence information alone; a polyphasic taxonomic approach is required. In addition to identification based on molecular methods, the MIDI fatty acid identification system is already established within the CMIT. Dr. Lawson will also introduce more classical methods that include chemotaxonomic approaches that encompass cell wall, polar lipid and respiratory quinones. These important diagnostic biomarkers aid in the assignment of isolates to the correct species and genus; however these methods are not readily available in many laboratories. To facilitate the integration of these methods Professor Hans Jurgen Busse from the Institut für Bakteriologie, Mykologie und Hygiene, Veterinärmedizinische Universität, Austria will be visiting in April-May 2012. Prof. Busse, a distinguished scientist renowned for his work in chemotaxonomy will assist Dr. Lawson in the introduction of these methods and their routine use, in addition, collaborative links and student exchanges will be discussed. In addition to providing a service to the scientific community, these methods will be integrated into Dr. Lawson teaching program and introduce students to some important methods not readily available at other universities. Further information can be obtained from Dr. Lawson (CMIT@ou.edu).


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